Monday, May 28, 2012

Nuclear Powered Lost Years

One of my personal favourite artists creating beautiful 80s music is Lost Years. His music is some of the most refined and constructed of the entire genre with incredible amounts of craft and care put into each track he releases. Therein lies the Lost Years magic as this artist is always fine tuning his sounds, releasing different versions and mixes of his tracks to his soundcloud, but it's a very special occassion when Lost Years deems his creations truly finished and puts them up as a fully completed work.

Nuclear is a three track EP containing the final revisions of Pump, Storm and the titular Nuclear. To finally experience this pieces in their final stage of evolution is a total joy. Even tracks I've listened to many times before feel entirely new and three pieces work together as one awe inspiring experience.

From super atmospheric synth soundtrack work through to rocket fueled Italo sounds the EP covers light years of sounds, energies and moods. I'm sure Lost Years has laboured many, many hours making these three songs work into one experience and it shines through in a magnificent way.

It's rare that Lost Years allows us to own a small part of him, to fully give of himself pieces of music that are complete versions of his creative visions. But when he does it's well worth the mere expenditure, to be able to take home that Lost Years experience and allow ourselves the pleasures and fruits of the artists' labours.

I encourage everyone to buy this EP on iTunes (available here) as soon as possible and give yourself a wondrous experience courtesy of one of the modern day masters of the 80s synth scene.

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