Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Night Vibes With Tommy & Perturbator

Another week and seems yet another collaboration involving Perturbator surfaces. Perturbator's fast becoming one of the most prolific names in the scene with steady stream of quality releases and projects with other artists. And much like his previous collaborations with Lueur Verte and Protector 101 the results are amazing. Combining the emotive wonder of Tommy with the scythe like sounds of Perturbator has resulted in one of the single most powerful tracks I've had the pleasure of experiencing in recent times.

Tommy is renowned for emotionally fuelled synthscapes that run at a slow pace, but a high temperature. Allowing every sound to develop and mature into it's own completeness and taking the listener through eons of dimensions in the process. Night Vibes is possibly the most laidback of all Tommy's pieces, with a labouring percussion track and melodies that are deliberately fragile in their make up. Perturbator's solo work of dark synth work of a completely different energy adds an even more sophisticated layer to the proceedings as his lead synth and guitar solos strike like polished lightning through a cobalt sky.

Night Vibes is a true soundtrack compostion, however over it's two vignettes the need for a visual accompaniment seems entirely superfluous. Each note and chord is brimming with a tactile detail that entertains all of our senses. Once again the combining of talents bring the light and the dark, the ying and yang, the night and the day into one experience that as a whole makes for something entirely new, powerful and deeply emotional. I can't help but think about how collaborations like this can evolve into fully actualised bands that could take the music we love to even higher planes previously thought unattainable. Only the future in time will tell.

This two track masterpiece is available to buy on Bandcamp here and I urge everyone to dig deep and support these two talented and infinitely undervalued artists.

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