Monday, May 21, 2012

Mirana's Dark Ride

A wonderful union of talent has magically transformed into a beautiful new sound. Anthony (Flashworx) Hammer and singer Mirana have combined forces and the initial results are very exciting. The 80s love washes through their music like a rainbow river cascading over a waterfall.

I'm often very critical of 80s inspired synth music that has modern vocals. There's an art to an 80s-sounding vocal, the style of vocals and lyrics is markedly different to a moden singer. When a modern sounding singer is used with vintage sounding music I find it grates terribly and the illusion of an 80s atmosphere is shattered. I'm elated to add Mirana to the short list of singer's who can do an 80s vocal that elevates the music to an exceptionally invigorating level.

Dark Ride works on every level as a piece of perfect 80s synth pop. The melodies, key changes, lyrics, inflections and nuances are all pitch perfect. This song is just totally rockin.

The duo are just starting out and I urge everyone with a love of 80s music to get behind them 1000% by following them on on their soundcloud here and Facebook here.

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