Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The L.A. Cop Duo Hit The Steets

Protector 101 has unleashed a brand new EP packed with five high velocity .38 caliber rounds of total LAPD action. L.A. Cop Duo is the ultimate synth soundtrack to everyone's favourite 80s buddy cop movie, even if it doesn't actually exist. It's an adventure through gritty city streets, high speed chases though urban decay, tender moments remembering the fallen and total jubilation as justice is upheld.

All five episodes are self contained vignettes, capturing themes and emotions while drawing the listener in deeper. Sweet synths create tension, drama and rivet the audience to their seats. Like a favourite movie going back and reliving it with repeated listens brings out even more depth as the layers of sound unfold even greater details. Even the most simple accent seem to be orchestrated the nth degree and each piece of delayed aural gratification is a reward in itself.

Protector 101 has made something very special here, I can't think of another EP that does such a great job of condensing a 90 minute thrill ride into less thant 20 minutes of music. But it's all in there, it's a concept soundtrack in it's most distilled form and in a format that works exceptionally well.

This wonderful EP is up for 'name your price' on Bandcamp here. Dig deep and give Protector 101 all you can and make sure you follow his future works on soundcloud here and Facebook here.

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