Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kenji Run Has Absolute Power

Someone who totally gets what making 80s style synth music is all about is Kenji Run. This gentleman from the UK is making glorious music that draws influences from all the classics, while adding a dimension of his own.

Citing the immortal Kraftwerk as a major influence Kenji Run's music feels very 1983. On the cusp of the mid 80s synth scene, but still in it's primordial stage, akin to the sounds of music produced by the likes of Italy's Monuments. A time when this genre was transitioning from the experimental minimalist electro style into something more detailed and layered as the technology progressed. Kenji Run is a time capsule of these sounds, with a modern touch that enhances the experience even further.

Support Kenji Run on his soundcloud here and his Facebook page here and be sure to buy his Wish of Lovers EP on iTunes here. I'll be sure to follow the future developments of this new artist earnestly and look foreard to sharing more of his music on Synthetix in the future.

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