Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Les Chic Voltage Gets Jumbo In '84

Italy's Les Chic Voltage just released a new track entitled Jumbop 84. It's rare for new artists to recreate the happy/catchy 80s style melody so perfectly but this piece is totally on point for vintage homage and amour. The melody is what drives this piece more than anything else and it's so light and fruity; it dances about like neon nymph in the warm sunlight.

The production is classically worked too with a simple uncomplicated sound that brings to mind many of the early pioneers of 80s synth pop and italo. Everything works together exceedingly well and the overall authenticity brings an air of total 80s rapture. I personally love it when an artist forgoes all temptations of modern sounds in an effort to make their sound as close to their inspirational source as possible, and Jumbo 84 is one of those pieces.

For more rockin Les Chic Voltage action get on his soundcloud here.

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