Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garth Knight Breaks Point And Serves For The Match!!

Once in a while, a track comes out that changes your ideas of what defines why you like a certain genre of music. The song that you go to whenever anyone asks what kind of music you listen to. The song that encapsulates all the magic and love you have for the music in one go.  This week that song changed once again for me and from this point on (until I hear the next one!) Break Point by Garth Knight will be that song I play for people who haven't experienced this glorious genre of music before.


Break Point is a tour de force of 80s synth rock that traverses the soundtrack style and single style composition flawlessly. I can't even begin to go into the energy and power on display in each second of this glorious track, but for all it's layers of delectable digitisations theres still a level of uncomplex simplicity that is a real hallmark of the classic 80s production style. Break Point would be just at home being banged out live in a stadium full of screaming fans as it would in action sequence in a blockbuster movie, as it would be in a carb shredding aerobic workout VHS tape. This is the true magic of this piece, it crystallizes every 80s sound, nuance and feeling into four minutes of absolute listening pleasure.

Along with MPM & Kristine's A Night Like Tonight and Mitch Murder's Frantic Aerobics this one of those songs that will stay with me just as long as the 80s themselves. Thank you for the wonderful music Garth Knight, I'll be sure to follow your musical career very closely. And I hope all of you Synthetix fans out there do too. Make sure you follow him on soundcloud here for even more k-rad 80s loving.

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