Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuned In To Tommy's Future

As far as artists in the scene with raw gifted talent go there are few as prolific as France's Tommy. It seems I get spoiled by new works from Tommy every week or so and each new listening experience elevates even further than the previous. Finally Tommy's grouped six of his tracks into an EP entitled Tuned In To The Future. As a 'name your price' release on Bandcamp I'd encourage everyone reading this to first listen to the tracks below and then dig as deep as you can!

Thematically this EP is a post apocalyptic nightmare of panic stricken atmosphere in an uncertain future. Tommy's music is purely cinematic and from track to track you will find a new chapter in the story that is truly engaging. All six pieces work together as one experience that tells a tale of excitement, devastation, thrills, rekindled romance and hope.

Tommy's swirling sounds and heartfelt melodies feel like they're hanging by gossamer, threatening to break and collapse at any moment, but somehow they manage to keep things together enough to push on through the mental and emotional barriers to the next part of our story. It's a great understatement to say there's a deeper connection to the music than just 'hearing' them. The music draws you in and each note, each beat, each second you can tangibly experience in a soulfully deep way.

By the end of this EP you'll have been on a rollercoaster ride that will give you long lasting memories. You'll want to revisit these times and places in Tommy's future over and over again. Each time seeing a deeper meaning and experiencing an even more fulfilling journey. As anyone with a passion for this music will understand, this EP isn't something to be taken lightly and demands your attention and rewards you accordingly.

This is definitely the strongest work yet from Tommy in my opinion, maybe this is due to the six tracks outweighing a single release, as it should. But these hand picked vignettes work so beautifully well together that it widens the horizons to contemplate what Tommy could offer in a full length album, which as an eventuality I do hope happens soon.

To purchase your own copy of Tuned In To The Future please visit Tommy's Bandcamp page here. Also please support Tommy on his soundcloud and Facebook pages too.

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