Saturday, April 21, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

This past week has seen a monstrous amount of great new releases in the scene that have made this weekend's update even more jam packed! I hope you enjoy this bumper crop of 80s inspired synth music from some of the world's most talented composers of the genre.

Let's kick off with a powerful new track from Starforce. Dreamfuse is the perfect title for this piece; the intro almost metaphysical in it's dreamlike haze. The music continues to build perfectly and eventually plateaus across the tops of the clouds into a bright, sundrenched sky. This is a very impressive next-level-step in Starforce's sound.

We land back on the city streets with Fanateek One's new electro funk masterpiece Weird 1986. I love the production on this due to it's completely smooth sounds. Thus music is like glass. Totally uncomplicated but still rivetting. Laid back, yet full of passion. Fanateek One's jammin on the one out the ying yang with this chart topper.


Synthetix stalwart Lost Years is back in action with a new work entitled Escape. I've loved everything Lost Years has ever released to bits, but this lasted release is one of his all time best. Even in this short teaser the breadth of the sounds used and how totally dynamic it all works together is magnficent. The full length cut of this can't arrive soon enough.


Something I'm surprised doesn't happen more often in the 80s inspired synth scene is theming tracks based on movies and using dialogue samples from it to complement the music. NeonFlashDrive has done just this in his Colonial Marines compositon. A synth soundtrack channelling quite a bit of John Carpenter, but using a myriad of classic samples from the movie Aliens. This works together perfectly and I hope this kind of thing gets made more of in the future.


As we leave the confines of LV-426 lets hit some of the clubs in nearby galaxies on the way home. Sure to be playing is the new anthem Moonshine from Final DJ's. Tauted as their summer jam for 2012 I can't help but be carried away by the beautifully crafted melodies. Yet another great Final DJ's release that channels so many classic vintage sounds.


Keeping the energy up we'll next pay a visit to Patrick Baker. This producer 'gets' the 80s like he should and in a new demo enitled Slip Away he works a great vocal in to the perfect 80s synth pop sound. Lovingly made layers of of sounds complement eachother perfectly, reaching a vibrant climax with the shredding guitar solo towards the end. A text book example of how to do the 80s right in 2012. Totally rockin.


Lets wind down next with some new Dynatron. Jeppe has set a course for pure thrills and drama in his brand new Aurora Nights track. Over a glorious eight and half minutes the music is a space ride of cosmic synths and galactic melodies. The production works perfectly in creating the vastness of space and keep an infinite horizon directly in our line of sight. Stellar work in every respect.


Last, but certainly not least for the week's Weekend Update is a new album teaser from prolific French producer Perturbator. Not inclined to resting his laurels after his superb Night Driving Avenger EP (covered on Synthetix here) he's now released a sampler for his first full lenght album Terror 404. As expected these snippets tease a dark and action packed release of 80s inspired synth music. It's going to be a wild ride, I'm sure, and I can't wait to buckle up and get ready for lift off when this hits. Stay tuned to Synthetix for more details and dates about Terror 404 as they happen.

That does it for this week's Weekend Update. Next week I will be on vacation, so updates may be more sporadic, but posts will be back to normal come next weekend. Till then keep the 80s dream alive and keep on rockin!

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