Saturday, April 14, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another week packed with great quality sounds from the 80s inspired synth scene has made for an action packed Weekend Update.

Elite maestro Richi Summers came to my attention this week with his supremely amazing song: Gladiators of Love. A superb mix of space italo disco complete with a robotic vocal track. Special mention must go to the disco hi-hats in this, totally rockin.

Some exciting new Camille R surface this week too, a very ambient synthstrumnetal piece entitled $tilknocks. I'm unsure as to whether this is a teaser or experimental compostion. Either way it's a beautiful work from one of my favourite artists.

Synthpop master Mirror Kisses released the powerfully epic Takeover this week. A really deep composition of gorgeous 80s sounds and the best bassline I've heard for a long time. Hoping for a 5-6 minute extended mix of this at some stage.

Klockhaus has been spoiling us with some incredible music of late and this is magnified tenfold in his latest track Brainchild. The swell of the melodies and the soundscape he creates in this is utterly gorgeous. Incredible music.

Another gifted producer, Thomas Barrandon, gave us a beautifully crafted piece of space synth wonder with his latest Absolute Magnitude. An interstellar delight that begins with the perfect intro and then builds and builds into a work of great majesty. An epic journey to say the least.

The final piece in this week's Weekend Update continues our journey through the cosmos with Dynatron's Space Operator. Peppered with samples from astronauts the music is packed with drama and spatial orbits around heavenly bodies. Very classy space synth indeeed.

Thanks for sharing another Weekend Update with me on Synthetix. Next week has some surprises in store as well a new EP release from Tommy and my long overdue review of Miami Nights 1984's most recent album. Till then, keep on rockin!

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