Saturday, April 7, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

As Easter washes it's chocolaty goodness over all of us lets up rock it to some of the musical highlights released this past week.

Let's begin with a truly atmospheric and cinematic piece from famed synth produced Pyramid. A-Void Me is a slowly evolving and expanding galaxy of sound, the sparseness of the spatial echoes and almost organic melodies are a joy to behold.

Ukraine's Andy Fink is getting some seriously kick arse music in his repertoire and his latest teaser for his new EP is a wild 80s style synthphony of vibrant sounds. This EP is going to be something special indeed.

Synthetix favourite Horror Machine put out the beautifully sinister Desire this week. A darkdisco synth piece that is a great example of making a melody work throughout the whole song and thus make every other sound introduced make all the difference without sacrificing the mood. Wonderful.

Nickee B's been at it again with another instant synth classic. This man's talents in creating perfect 80s style music know no bounds. Testarossa is yet another brilliantly written and produced slice of synth laden goodness. A perfect example, yet again from Nickee B, of what this music is all about.

Another one of my favourite artists; Flash Arnold, has created another work of supreme majesty in his latest outing City Limits. The pitch bending accents on the melodies are truly inspiring and the guitars add an extra layer of totally kick arse sound to the proceedings. Flash Arnold once again gets everything perfect.

I'd like to preface this last part of this week's Weekend Update by stating I really love Futurecop!. These guys were instrumental in my discovering of new 80s style music and their early EP's are still some of my most listened to and favourite music of the last 5 years or so. However, their seminal piece Starworshipper was reworked on the 2010 release It's Forever, Kids with two vocal tracks that I personally didn't enjoy in any way at all. Futurecop! have now released Starworshipper as a single along with it having their first music video. The real highlight is that two of my favourite 80s synth scene producers Mitch Murder and Jowie Schulner have had their remixes included as well as ones by Lenno and Out There.

The magic spun by both Mitch and Jowie on their remixes is definitely worth revisting Starworshipper once again as they definitely provide some more dimension to the new song's sound.

That does it for another Weekend Update, make sure you tune in to Synthetix next week for coverage of the exciting new Alpha Boy album, the brilliant new EP from 7he Myriads EP and a bunch of other hot rockin action!

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