Thursday, April 5, 2012

Silenx In Space Love

Silenx has been a very well regarded producer for a couple of years now. Silenx's remix work has garnered much attention, but his strength is definitely in the italo cosmic disco synth original pieces he has released sporadically. Now the Portuguese producer is spoiling us with a four track release on Silhouette Music with two brand new tracks and two previously released pieces.

All four compositions are delightfully entrancing, with grooving basslines, spatial synths and an air of absolute cosmic excitement. The energy Silenx creates is individual and his trademakr sound is recognisable in all his work. If you've not had the pleasure of Silenx's company before this EP will prove to be the perfect introduction and begin a very longterm love affair with his beautiful music.

Be sure to pick up this EP when it's released on April 9, visit Silhouette Music's site here and be sure to give Silenx lots of love on his soundcloud and Facebook pages.

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