Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Retrological Future Of DJ Ten

DJ Ten has just put out his Retrological LP. This record is a concerted attempt to bring classic 80s style to modern music. After being disenfranchised with current electronic music DJ Ten began a one man crusade to bring the 80s to a new audience, one which I applaude, of course. The Retrological LP spans many diverse sounds and influences from the 80s and each track offers the listener a new adventure in the classic-new and modern-past.

Early 90s club sounds make up the album too, especially in the use of vocals, but the 80s vibe shines through with some of absolutely killer synth rhythms, stabbing melodies and sublime percussion. There is a definite mood and energy about the whole album, something that courses through tracks like Beat Street 2012 and Freak-Bots On The Dancefloor, but is also present in more diversionary tracks like Brighter Shades of Darkness. Some elements I don't think work as well as others, but this more nitpicking on my behalf than anything that should prevent you from giving the album your time.

But this is the magic of DJ Ten's album. It's a genuine mix of classic sounds that you'd normally not hear together, but somehow it just works. My personal recommendation is to pick up the Deluxe version of the album as the two bonus track are very worthwhile indeed. One thing I can guarantee is that you'll not hear an album like Retrological any time soon, or perhaps ever again. It is definitely it's own master and this point alone makes the record a very recommended Synthetix experience.

Get your copy of Retrological on his official Bandcamp page or on iTunes and be sure to keep up with all things Retrological on his Facebook and soundcloud.

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