Monday, April 2, 2012

A Midnight Run With Laserama

Laserama has been one of my favourite artists doing very classically style italo disco. I'm not talking about nu-disco, which I love, but the true mid 80s italo style that was produced in delightfully mammoth amounts. Laserama has captured the spirit and sound of pure italo disco and his new five track EP with racing basslines, sweet melodies and hand-clap accented percussion.

All five tracks have individual personalities that instantly become entrancing. As instrumental pieces all the compositions are fully of character and the rhythms and melodies speak for themselves. Italo is a very energetic style and Laserama's new vision of the genre is supercharged with gigavolt thunderbolts.

Mignight Run is available on iTunes and is also on Bandcamp here. Binalog Productions has done it again with another totally scintillating release,be sure to follow them on soundcloud for even more quality releases.

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