Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jordan F's Abandoned Streets

Australia's own Jordan F has put out a new experience in 80s inspired synth music in Abandoned Streets. I say experience in it's most definitive meaning as this trilogy of works traverses realms of vision and adventure over the course of it's 10 and a half minutes that seldom, if ever, have been encapsulated so perfectly before.

The original Abandoned Streets was one of my favourite early Jordan F tracks, this reimagining of it with no less than two more chapters on the theme is something very special indeed. Each section of the entire composition is strengthened by the previous one and the palapable tension and foreboding atmosphere is at fever pitch by the climax.

There is 'something' that binds all three parts together. Something magical. It's the idea that has been allowed to germinate and grow to it's total fruition into a powerful and forceful experience that is the definition of epic. The ride is fraught with danger, excitement, terror and massive doses of drama; keeping the listener spellbound by the aural magic.

This format works EXCEEDINGLY well as I personally find the 3-4 minute single that is predominantly released only seems to scratch the surface of the melody's and music's potential. This of course is only my personal opinion, but the deep and rewarding experience that Abandoned Streets delivers throughout all it's 10.5 minutes will from this point on be a yardstick by which all other themed EP's of this genre will be compared. Some music suits one format better than others, and much like Short Circuit's Afterburner EP (which I reviewed here) of last year the mere sum of it's parts are exceeded by the whole in a magnificently magical way when multiple compositions are weaved into one experience.

Abandoned Streets is a modern masterpiece of 80s inspired synth music that ushers in a multitude of new possibilities for the entire genre. This is one of those vastly important releases in the life of this young scene that will prove it's worth for years to come. Be sure to to follow more of Jordan F's work on his
soundcloud and Facebook pages and be sure to check back here in the coming days for a direct link to buying your own copy of Abandoned Streets on Bandcamp.

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