Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Driving With DreamWave Dave

Apart from reminding me of one of my favourite GPK stickers, DreamWave Dave is also a glorious reminder of how beautiful 80s synth music is. This 28 year old resident of LA is creating some delectably delicious synth-magic that is a genuine aural treat.

Dave's sounds and melodies check all the rockin' boxes on the list for making authentic 80s sounds, you can hear and feel the love for those golden times in each of his compostions. Driving The Night Away is a suite of three parts that go together into one thematic experience perfectly. The climax of which is absolutely scintillating.

Although just starting out, it's artists like DreamWave Dave who I really like to promote, to help them reach a wider audience and hopefully get more support. Be sure to give him all your 80s love on his soundcloud here.

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