Monday, April 16, 2012

Digital Native Dance Electrifies!

I always love discovering new producers with creativity and massive amounts of love for 80s music and such is the case with Tom Welsh's solo project: Digital Native Dance. The beautiful craftsmanship in all his compositions is no more apparent than his latest piece Bal Harbour Shakedown.

This is a textbook example of 80s perfection in writing, sounds and total execution. The cinematic intro sets the scene for an onslaught of fast paced synth rhythms; laced with gleaming layers of classically tuned 80s sounds and adding a final polish is the guitar riffs. Such excellent uses of melody and accents make this track work like a magic act; full of showmanship, precision and excitement. This is but only one of the opus's on Digital Native Dance's soundcloud. All his original works are rife with action, drama, suspense and flourish of pure 80s colour.

Make sure you give Digital Native Dance much love on his soundcloud here, hopefully we'll be granted even more totally kick arse music from this gifted artist soon.

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