Monday, April 30, 2012

A Combined Effort Produces A Glorious Mirage

80s synth maestros Lueur Verte and Perturbator have released their first collaborative effort aptly titled Mirage. Both of these artists have created some incredible music in their own right, I've covered Perturbator on the blog previously, and will be covering Lueur Verte in a future post, but this combined work is a tour de force of expansively cinematic brilliance.

To describe Mirage as moody and dark is like calling a tsunami a high tide. The music works and builds in deep and morose directions with danger and mystery around every turn. The guitars elevate the atmosphere even further with scintillating solos that scythe through the darkness. Over this near nine minute epic you'll be lead into realms of pure unhinged digital fear and by it's end you'll be on your knees begging for more.

Mirage is a work of sheer majesty that is hopefully not the last time Perturbator and Lueur Verte work together, and is only a slight hint of what artists can achieve together. Dare we hope to see an 80s inspired synth supergroup sometime in the future? Time will only tell! To follow Lueur Verte on soundcloud click here, and here is his Facebook page. Perturbator can be found here on soundcloud and here on Facebook. Be sure to give them both lots of love and support!

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