Monday, April 9, 2012

A Blockbuster For Alpha Boy

Hot on the heels of Alpha Boy's Follow Me EP comes his brand new full length album: Blockbuster. A perfectly apt title for this record too as it's one powerhouse of classic 80s synth and electro that has been crafted to perfection. This album not only includes the four pieces from Follow Me but also eight new compositions and on top of this two collaborative works with Jowie Schulner and Noir Deco. To say this is an action packed album is a huge understatement, Blockbuster is a monumental release that cements Alpha Boy as one of the scene's most valuable producers.

The most interesting aspects of this album are how well Alpha Boy has taken on more styles that are definitively 80s in sound but are also weaved with his own signature production qualities and sounds. The results make for a story that begins with with the Follow Me EP and then takes the listener on even more action packed adventures. From the neon crispness of Glow Flash to the drama filled Lightstorm the opening chapters of Blockbuster are massively entertaining. Experimental sounds and instrumentation highlight Alpha Boy's talents perfectly, and give purpose and space to the previously experienced tracks from Follow Me.

Onward through the experience the soundscapes change from vibrant italo, through to melancholy soundtrack style ambient pieces through to massive vistas of majestic and powerfully and emotive synth mastery. The inclusion of historical news soundbites give more than enough verbosity to the instrumental compositions, making a tangible time and place to where the listener is throughout the journey.

The third act of Blockbuster ups the ante even further through swirling visions of the past with modern arrangements from the future. It's an exhaustively exciting ride with each new composition complementing the previous track while at the same time opening the door for the next. I'd find it hard to single out individual tracks as they all work so well together and work superbly as a whole of many parts.

It is a complete opus and this album goes great lengths to show how well 80s inspired synth music works as complete album. I'd say this is a true concept album in the respect that it's many moods and dimensions are all tied together in a way that makes the listener want to listen to it again and again from start to finish. Just like a great movie that you've seen once, and can't wait to watch it again from beginning to end; to relive the experience all over again and delve deeper into what we are presented with. In this way especially Blockbuster will give you many, many hours of purely elevating entertainment and will inspire much wonder and joy with each and every listen.

Buy your copy of Blockbuster on Alpha Boy's Bandcamp page here from the 10th of April. As always make sure you give Alpha Boy lots of love on soundcloud and Facebook too.

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