Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7he Myriads Cosmic Adventure In Antares

I love 7he Myriads. I remembering hearing them for the first time a few years ago and instantly falling in rapturous love with their sound. Tracks like French Wind, Starlight and Number One have been mainstays of in my "most favourite" compilations for a long time and I keep going back to their music time and time again. Only recently I'd given up on ever hearing anything new from them, like a lot of 80s inspired bands from a few years back that have since moved on, but I could barely contain my elation at finding them on soundcloud and then experiencing their new EP.

7he Myriads' Antares EP is an entirely beautiful three track affair of space synth disco combined with a healthy dose of prog rock that blends together into one incredible sound. Guitar solos soar over synths while the natural and electronic drum sounds provide even more lushness to the ambience. Hopefully this EP is a sign that 7he Myriads are back in full swing and will be rocking harder than ever.

Be sure to show your love and support of them on their soundcloud page.

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