Monday, March 12, 2012

What L'Equipe du Son Does To Me

L'Equipe du Son (or The Sound Team in anglais) has been pumping out some killer 80s inspired disco fuelled cuts of very high calibre and some inspired remixes of late, but his newest releases is something rather special indeed. What You Do me traverses a delightful blend from lots of classically 80s inspirations. A groove that dominates and hooks the get you deep.

This song's original incarnation is definitely k-rad material but one of my favourite parts about this EP are the Extended and Instrumental mixes that complete the line up. For those unaware, this was the staple of the 12inch single record of the 80s; Side A would be the Extended Club Mix with Side B having the original or 'radio edit' version plus an Instrumental, Dub or Acappella version. These were the days before it was common for DJ's to remix other artists work and most of this was done by the artists or producers themselves. This was the first step toward recognising what was being played in clubs as being important as opposed to just what was being played on the radio.

I digress with the history lesson, however this mode of releasing a single with the Extended and Instrumental versions is something I applaud and hope that more 80s inspired artists do this in the future, just for that extra little bit of classical authenticity.

What You Do to me is available for purchase on Juno and make sure you give L'Equipe du Son lots of love on his soundcloud and through Silhouette Music on Facebook.

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