Saturday, March 10, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

The big release for this week was the new Miami Night 1984 album, which I'll be reviewing in detail next week, however there were a great many other killer tracks released too that are well worthy of your listening. Sit back and take in the Synthetix Weekend Update!

First off we visit Russia for Quasars' new track: Pong. A simply beautiful piece of work, with lavish melodies and clean, crisp production. A laidback, yet driving compostion that promises and delivers.

New kids on the block, Starforce have released another new piece of spaciously spatial synth work with their latest Sleeping Star. A ride into the cosmos under a neon lit canopy of starfuelled emotion.  Another strong peiece of work from this duo.

A Gap Between has been one of my favourite dreamwave artists for a while, his sense of space and sound really shines in all his songs. The melancholic vocals and dreamy synths make up his Metropolitan 80s Chic sound perfectly. Superb.

80s synth scene icon 80s Stallone brought out a phenomonal new track titled: POLICE ACADEMY 6 + ARRETE - "MOSS AGATE" by POLICE ACADEMY 6 (80s Stallone Remix). I'm honestly not quite sure what that exactly means, but I do know it's one totally killer piece of music. A rolling piece of undulating electronic emotions, with showstopping breakdown in the middle. Of course, this quality is to be expected from an artist of 80s Stallone's calibre.

Finnish synth maestro, Flash Arnold, graced us with another piece radical music in A Hero's Anthem. A brilliantly conceived and executed piece of total synth rock action. Powerful, driving and exhilerating, all at once. This is the best soundtrack your weekend could possibly have.

Tommy spoiled us with Make Love this week also. A sensually sexual piece of pure Synth Erotica that is sure to enhance any romantic interlude your weekend may have. Magically ethereal synthscapes fill the atmosphere with no one being able to resist their amorous advances. Make sure you download it to include on your next make-out mixtape.

As the last treat for this week's Weekend Update we have Neros77's latest work of visionary video for Miami Night 1984's The Getaway. Totally rockin editing making for a complete audio visual experience for this radical track.

Lots of things to look forward to in the action next week on Synthetix, including special coverage of the new Syncroft release! Looking forward to sharing more beautiful new music with you soon.

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