Saturday, March 3, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

This week's weekend update is full to the brim with excellent new music released this week. Lots of very exciting pieces to make your weekend rock that little bit harder.

First off Lost Years has released a short teaser for Somwhere In Stockholm. With the amount of beautiful music Lost Years releases; I think he'll be a mainstay of the Weekend Update for many weeks to come. Somehwere in Stockholm is more super classy synth work from a very talented composer.

Final Dj's released a great remix of the track Slow by MRTN. They certainly gave this song a perfectly 80s aura and you can feel the Final Dj's magic throughout.
Definitely my favourite remix of the week.

Legendary OutRun maestro Lazerhawk has released a great demo of King Of the Streets. This is a synth shatteringly rockin piece of work that is the perfect follow up to his Visitors album released in February. Totally K-rad to the max!

One of my favourite artists in recent times is Oxford and his delectably chilled synth music has never been stronger than in his latest release: Head Back. Gorgeously produced with a delightfully fruity bit of French Touch, this is one summer drink I'll enjoy all year long.

Next we have the super exciting OnThe88 with their new track: An Evening Out. This epic piece is packed with action and has a beautiful almost eastern synth sound to the production. Superb work yet again from one of the most promising 80s inspired synth acts around.

Jowie Schulner's back in an exhileratingly 80s mode with his new release: Suspicious. One of the most emotic synth lead melodies I've heard in this one, it's almost on the verge of breaking down, but manages to retain it's composure throughout. A very emotive track that is definitely on of my favourites from Jowie.

One last treat for this Weekend Update is a new promo video for Kid Machine's Replicants. The excitement sure is building for this release, and I'll be sure to cover it in depth on here.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Weekend Update, next week on Synthetix is already looking super exciting with some very special music coming your way!

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