Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Ruling Sounds Of The Bourgeoisie

Two brothers from Miami are creating some exceptional 80s inspired synth music under the name of Bourgeoisie. Their sounds are a superb melange of classic 80s sounds that span synth disco, to soundtrack style pieces to more pop directed music. All their compositions have something special about them, and their gift for arrangements is evident in their entire catalogue.

From the dark to the light, from the slow to the energetic; Bourgeoisie make each tracks their own create specific atmospheres and energies for each piece on their self-titled album. I especially like the more experimental synth sounds used, often channelling some of the classic 70s synth sounds, which all work in beautifully to their music.

Bourgeoisie's self-titled 12 track album is availble on ther Bandcamp page here for only $10. Be sure to follow them on soundcloud and Like them up on Facebook.

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