Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Miami Nights 1984 Album Preview

It's already been a fantastic last month or so for totally killer releases and the impending Miami Nights 1984 album promises to add even more rich flavour to our listening. He's just released an album teaser to soundcloud that will whette the appetite of any fan of 80s synth music.

After listening to this you should be positively salivating for more, all of the tracks contain a fine array of delectable ingredients, complementing eachother's piquancy and zestfulness. As a full dining experience this album should satisy even the most famished fan of quality synth music.

The release of this may come as early as TOMORROW, so please be sure to follow all the action on Miami Nights 1984's Facebook page and be sure to follow this with a desert of his sweetly chilled soundcloud courses.

Synthetix will be covering this release with a full length review and interview with the Miami Nights 1984 himself over the coming days too!

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