Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jordan F Is BACK!

The big news of this week in 80s inspired synth scene is that Jordan F is BACK! After experimenting with other styles and names, the artist has decided to go back to his original monicker and back to his classic style. Jordan wasn't happy enough with his work under the Countach name to release it, and after much soul searching had him finding himself right back where he was; and right where he belongs.

His return has come with a reimagining of his Definitely Miami track, now transformed and reborn into Jordan's Theme.

This is an intensely exciting revision to one of Jordan's most well known tracks. A powerfully accented and energy charged piece that redefines the artists sound. Accompanying this with some of the most totally k-rad percussive flourishes I've heard from the new generation of synth composers.

Jordan's Theme is a very encouraging opener for this next phase of his musical journey. This added new dimension to his already excellent sound can only make for more exciting musical experiences in the future. To ensure you're kept abreast of Jordan F's future releases be sure to follow him on soundcloud and give him lots of love on Facebook.

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