Friday, March 23, 2012

The Inversion Of Final DJs

Basti and Thomas have unleashed a monstrously new powerhouse of a track entitled Inversion. Final DJs' track completes the week of darkness on Synthetix with a compostion that channels Tangerine Dream and Goblin and creates a tour de force of synth from the darkside.

The compelling introduction echoes and bounces through shadow filled darkness before the impending dread of it's melody begins to crash through the atmosphere, building in volume and clarity until a megaton synthwave obliterates all in it's wake. This is some of Final DJ's strongest work, raw with power and emotion and totally unrelenting in it's delivery. Seven minutes of unbridled synth POWER!

This opus is available for FREE download on their soundcloud page and please show your love and appreciation for their maginificent work on Facebook too.

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