Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adoring Aminova's Amoureuse

Aminova's history in synth dreamwave has been very prolific. Numerous releases from this UK artist have always been moving experiences of atmospherically alluring quality. His The Transfer and Laser Beach EPs (both available on his Bandcamp page) are stellar works in the field of classic synth music and both come as highly recommended listening from my perspective.

His most recent track, Amoureuse, is a delightful trip into the synthesized stratosphere with an opening worthy of a classic Dario Argento giallo thriller. This gives way to melancholy melodies full of passion and drama, never relenting in keeping our attention firmly transfixed on the aural ambience filling the sky.

All this, and this track is only a preview! I look forward to hearing more from this adventure into the realms of Aminova and hope you do too. Give him some kudos on soundcloud for his stellar symphonies and keep up with the developments on this latest project on his Facebook page also.

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