Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Protector 101 Turns Up The Heat

Protector 101 is creating very exciting new music that's overflowing with beautiful 80s synth love, his back catalogue of songs is growing weekly on his soundcloud. This U.S artist is preparing for an album release of new material soon enticingly titled Neoncholy. The first single of this opus is Summer Heat: Los Angeles.

This newest work from Protector 101 goes into some very postapocalyptic new territory with a sound that warns and terrifies. The climax of this track is some of the most startling I've heard from the modern masters of 80s synth music. The sense of dread and panic is completely overwhelming.

It promises to be a very good 2012 for Protector 101 and I'm champing at the bit to experience the petrifying nightmare that will be Neoncholy's soundtrack to the future.

For more on Protector 101 follow him on Facebook and bookmark his Bandcamp page too.

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