Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mitch Murder Double Hit

Mitch Murder's been going through his extensive archives of unreleased material and has graciously shared two of these great tracks with us courtesy of soundcloud. These little gems go to great lengths to show the artists musical dexterity as they're essentially jammed out tracks for his own personal amusement. Even still, both tracks are resplendent in glorious Mitch Murder Magic.

The first is The Mr T Fashion Show. A funk filled synth explosion of vibrancy and colours. A totally kick arse cover of the equally killer music in this original classic piece of Mr T propaganda. This is a the dictionary definition of 'feel-good' music.

The second track is Metro City Breakers, which is a brilliant homage to the arcade classic Final Fight. This is another creative flurry of electro rock and massive drums. The end sequence being a true delight!

The best part about these tracks is they're available for download right now!! Add these stellar works to your Mitch Murder collection now by going directly to his soundcloud here.

Thanks for the rockin' good times, Mitch!

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