Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Magic Of Neros77

Although I mainly post about the creators of this fine music, I'm also going to cover others in the scene that don't make the music, but add creativity and dimension to the music we love in other ways. The first of these people I want to write about is Neros77. This multitalented Danish artist lends his talents to many disciplines and mediums, and one of his most impressive ones is in video editing and production.

In short, Neros77 gives vision to 80s inspired synth music in a manner that pays homage to many classic movies as well as offering exciting new ideas.

My first introduction to Neros77 was his incredible video that he made for Camille R's insanely good track: Thrasher 83. This was a pivotal moment for me as I finally found someone making great videos for the music I was just discovering. This song and video will always remain very special to me and I'd love for those of you who've not had the pleasure to enjoy this spectacle now.

Another one of my favourites is his electro magenta montage for Lazerhawk's Dream Machine. Brilliant pop art elements and classic footage combine to create an experience completely befitting the music.

The final video I'd like to share is the one Neros77 recently did for Com Truise's epic Flightwave track. This is a surreal journey into scientific terror that compliments and builds on the atmosphere of uneasiness inheirent to the composition.

I highly recommend subscribing to Neros77's channel on YouTube for a vast amount of audio visual entertainment. There are new videos being uploaded regularly and you shouldn't miss any of them. Please click here to visit Neros77's channel, or follow the link I have in The Enlightened Ones section on the left of this page.

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