Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Klash of Kirill Junolainen

If you've never heard of Kirill Junolainen then you've been missing out on one of Europe's most prolific and productive purveyors of classic 80s disco synth. Under his Datarocket label Kirill is releasing lots of totally rockin music and his latest release is another feather in his disco-fied cap. This is a reissue from sessions recorded in 2004-5 under the name The Klash and is packed full of beautiful synth disco love. Kirill's been making electronic music since the early 90s his experience and love of the classic styles shines through.

The above album preview will hopefully inspire you to pick it up off Datarocket's Bandcamp for the miniscule sum of €6. Be sure to check out the plethora of other releases on there too, as theres a whole world of 80s inspired electro disco synth music to discover.

As always, please show some love and support for Kirill's work on his soundcloud and Facebook pages.

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