Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Greetings Program Escapes To New York

Greetings Program has been getting rapturous applause (and deservedly so) for his excellent remix of Beyoncé's End of Time, but his recent cover of the seminal theme to John Carpenter's Excape From New York deserves even more kudos!

This re-envisaging of one of the most memorable themes of the 80s is pure love.

On his soundcloud there is a bunch of entertaining remixes and covers but please give his original work your attention. They are truly beautiful compositions and are a sure sign of Greetings Program having all the love and talent you need to create superlative 80s synth music.

Greetings Program's future looks bright enough to warrant buying shares in Ray Ban, so please show your appreciation for his fine work on his Facebook page.

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