Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buy ActRazer Now!!!

One of the pioneers in the 80s synth revival is ActRazer, an artist very dear to my heart not only cause he's named after one of my favourite Super Famicom games but because he was one of the first modern artists I heard making this music and his music is still regarded, by myself, as some of the best exponents of the genre.

ActRazer's work is incredibly vital and it was previously almost impossible to collect all his works, especially in any kind of quality. Until now! He's just released all nine of his tracks to bandcamp at the ludicrously low price of $6 for the album. This is MUST have gear!

Buy it hard, buy it now, buy it here!!

Further eventualities of the ActRazer experience can be had on his Facebook and

Thank you VERY much, ActRazer!

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