Thursday, July 24, 2014


Kristine - The Deepest Blue

By Shazeb Bhatti

Kristine’s newest EP, 'The Deepest Blue', is probably one of her finest releases yet. I felt as if she really took her work to the next level with this. The EP consists of essentially one track, 'The Deepest Blue' that was then sub-sequentially remixed by a plethora of quality synth artists.

The original track, mastered by Synthetix favorite Highway Superstar, sounds more 80s than a lot of Kristine’s other work. Perhaps it’s the perfectly done synth sound or maybe even her beautifully raspy vocals, but the track sounds straight out of 1983. 'The Deepest Blue' features uplifting synth schemes, an inspired guitar set, and a wonderful vocal progression- the kind that gives you chills if you listen intently enough.

The Miami Knights 1984 remix of 'The Deepest Blue' is also definitely worth taking a look at. The track, unlike remixes in general today, actually builds upon the original and gives it a deeper twist by emphasizing the feel-good synths. Props to Miami Knights because their remix is legitimately well-crafted, and thought out and therefore deserves to be heard!

Buy The Deepest Blue here on iTunes

Alpha Boy - Beverly Hills

By Sam Häggblad

Alpha Boy is back, stronger then ever with his album Beverly Hills. On this release he iis doing all kinds of styles from funk - to more deep thoughtful pieces.You can really hear the passion for the 80's in his tunes, coming across loud and clear. Beverly Hills is a super gem that is crushing down like a burning comet in the midst of summer and Alpha Boy is giving you a perfect balance between uptempo party rockers and some more ”get into” romantic stuff. I really have to applaud Alpha Boy for the production on this album which is super good. 

'Deadline' kicks off the album with a cozy bassline. A really slick ambient track. Definitely an evening track that gets you in a great mood and then is followed by 'Refreshing', this track is perfect for a day with your boombox at the beach, or if you want to boost your ego a little bit while walking down the strip with your walkman. It has the perfect summer vibe and groove we all love so much. A really rocking drumbeat, with a great bassline and smooth keyboards on top. One of the best summer hits so far this year. The saxophone just makes it top notch.

 Get on your bikes and ride with 'BMX ’83'! This is a really slow, romantic track. Great for relaxation as the lead saxophone works together with the piano and makes for the perfect lobster dinner song! Love it! Now I just want to throw myself out of that stargate! 'Daily News' starts off with a slow keyboard intro but a snare fill takes you right into one of those hopeful ”you can do it” feelings. Love the lead keyboards on this one. Once again, a great bassline that takes you to an arpeggiated climax at the end!

Once again Alpha Boy shows that he can master the funk grand style on track five: 'Talkman'! A real fat bassline with a great groove. That saxophone just makes you fall in love with this track. 'Harbour Transactions' is a really groovy ambient track that puts me in the Axel F mood. Once again superb bass and saxophone, and I can’t help myself falling in love with those lush e-pianos over and over. Super! One of my favorites on the album is 'Department'. As a drummer i can’t help falling in love with the beats and that ”in your face” snare! It has this awesome ”Lets do it!” feel, with really smooth keyboards on top. The final track 'The End' is a good closer that sums up everything thats good on the album, great drums, great lush keyboards on top and some real groovy bass and saxophone.

A favourite aspect of this EP  from my point of view is production, since i think its so accurate and 80s sounding. I think everybody who knows me knows Im a sucker for that true old 80s mixing sound, (as a refference go check every italo track produced beetween 84 -85). And its hard to walk that fine line, not falling in the gimmick or tribute spot when staying true to the sounds we love. Thats why I think its so important to evolve those sounds at the same time. Ill be completely honest with you, it's bloody hard work to get a mix sound fresh and not mouldy and at the same time retro rocking. Thats exactly what Alpha Boy is doing to perfection on this album. 

It's so fresh and the high-end frequencys sounds so good. Usually with some releases like this I get fed up with too much high-end in the mix that's just there to make stuff glossy. Not at all with this release, it's just perfect. The amount of high-end just blends in with the low-end perfectly making those low-edge basses etc come forward and sound really crisp and strong. Alpha Boy has really set a new 
mixing and mastering standard in the scene which I can only hope more producers will take to heart and keep evolving. Great work Alpha Boy!

To sum it all up, a must have for all you fans of summer-party, vice styled synthpop! Go check it out, and you will be in for a long hot summer this year, top notch stuff.

Wizard Lady Bros - Stay Sexy EP

By Rick Shithouse

A really kick arse surprise I discovered recently was the auspiciously titled The Wizard Lady Bros and their Stay Sexy EP. This combination of vintage and modern sounds combined with really rockin songwriting and arrangements have made for a great little EP that goes into the quirky sides of 80s sounds with relish. The synth pop stylings have driving funk behind them courtesy of the guitars and basslines with the opening track 'Human Jeans' being smooth as silk. The falsetto vocals are delicate and characterised beautifully throughout the EP and take on a vastly entertaining aspect in the epicly catchy anthem 'The Bros'.

The title track, 'Stay Sexy' bring in more drama and night moods as synths become sultrier and the temperatures rise totally rockin guitars reminiscent of an 80s classic that is on the tip of my tongue but refuses to come to mind. Definitely the highlight of the EP, this track is gentle when it needs to be and a sexual powerhouse at just the right times for maximum enjoyment when the chorus brings on sequential climaxes. The final track is the galloping synth beauty of 'Foxy Mulder' that creates tension and intrigue in a heartfelt homage to the X-Files.

I'm really taken by The Wizard Lady Bros reinvention of 80s sounds and the instruments used. The songs a arranged magnificently well, which makes me think they (or he) has been writing musical for quite a while and this is not their/his first release. I hope the journey into 80s sounds continues for The Wizard Lady Bros as this EP is totally rad and leaves the door open for all kinds of 80s destinations in the future.

Robert Parker - Modern Moves EP

By Edward Kidd

I think Robert Parker’s mind inhabits the same 80s world as mine; a place where everyone is lounging on a beach in a white linen suit and pink pastel t-shirt, smoking a cigar, sipping a mojito and enjoying the smooth sound of a DX7 electric piano.

80s inspired Swedish producer, Robert Parker’s new 5 track EP, Modern Moves, takes you just that bit closer to this world, inviting you to sit back and let the synth waves wash over you.

Released on the effortlessly cool Future City Records, Modern Moves opens with a mid-tempo driving track, cryptically titled Velour Virtues. Apparently ‘velour’ is a kind of knitted fabric? Was velour big in the 80s? Is Parker some kind of 80s knit-wear aficionado?

'Velour Virtues' opens with a big bass-line pushing it forward, and a funky picking guitar gluing it together. Cool hand-claps, disco toms and a silky DX7 electric piano breakdown take this track home to a big synth-lead solo finale.

'Velour Virtues' is a strong opening track that establishes a palette of sounds and production values Parker keeps consistent with the next cool instrumental, 'Bayside Boogie'. The groove gets going with a nice quick-paced picking muted guitar, synth pads and thick bass. A sweet saxophone riffs over the top with a very catchy melody, proving Parker’s skills as a composer, as well as producer.

Next up, sharing its title with the EP, is 'Modern Moves'. Again, Parker uses discoey drums and Nile Rodgers-esque synth guitars to underpin big synth-lead solos that demand attention. This is very much travelling music in my mind. There’s a real sense of journey and adventure in this track, and Parker knows how to keep things moving, evolving and driving forward harmonically and structurally.

The penultimate track, 'Phaser Peril', introduces an arpeggiating synth, and more lush leads. Using bass to create suspense, this track concludes with a synth brass melody that again, evokes a late disco feel.

Parker brings Modern Moves to a close with a slow-jam that happens to be the highlight of the EP for me. Sunset Stroll opens with a silky beat and warm synth pads that blend with funky palm guitars, synth strings and a jazzy electric piano that’s so smooth and relaxing, you might be in danger of falling asleep at the wheel of your Ferrari.

The late disco sounds and authentic early 80s grooves in Modern Moves, make this a highly recommended summer must for boys and babes looking to blast their boom-boxes on the beach.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

By Kasia

Monday, 14th July, 2014

Le Cassette - Electric Paradise

I know everybody talks about you
I know that you are everywhere
I know that I should probably concentrate on somebody else
But how can I do this if I think about you all the time?
How can I pretend that you are not there?
I wouldn't be myself if I did not try to talk to you and tell you how I feel about you.
I have nothing to lose. If you never try you will never know
And what I know for sure is that you're giving me everything I need and more!!
I don't remember how long I was waiting for you but it was worth it
Me and you - perfect match ! 
I'm lost in your music
I'm lost in your voice
I'm lost in you
My electric paradise.
I don't care who you belong to, because for these 4 minutes and 18 seconds you are only mine.

Friday, 4th April, 2014

Droid Bishop - Moonrunner

I feel like I'm living at the edge of the world
There is nothing in front of me
Just dark space full of amazing sounds
The more I try to catch them, the more they run away 
Letting me chase them around
Even though I know I will never be able to touch them, I feel simply happy
An indescribable feeling, one of the moments worth living for
It's so unique that I never want to forget about it
It doesn't matter how far away you are 
I will keep searching for you throughout space because I am a Moonrunner
And even though I might not find you
You will always be in my heart 
And I will never stop trying.

Tuesday, 10th December, 2013

Bestrack - Sparkle

Choices, choices, choices. It's all about them
10000 choices to make every single day
What to eat?
What to wear?
Where to go?

But I am old enough to make my own decisions!
I do not wanna have a boring life!
I do not wanna be unhappy!
I do not wanna let other people decide whats good for me!
But... I do want to have YOU in my life! 
Because with you I am finally myself!
Your magical sounds give me the energy to change the surrounding reality
No risk, no fun!
So let's do it! 

Let's finally be happy! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Matter Of Mild Peril

By Jazzi Marzcat

Tales of chivalrous knights, mystical swords, epic battles, timeless love and transcending magical spells, can all be found in the latest album by Mild Peril, called Matter. I first discovered Mild Peril, (a.k.a Chris Gilbert), with his synthwave covers of the Game of Thrones theme song, called "Throne of Swords", and 'Throne of Swords (Red Wedding Dance'. Being a fan of the show, it was hard not to fall in love with Mild Peril. The covers kept true to the melody of the theme song, composed a sense of darkness and danger with deep bass lines, thunderous drums, and best of all, featured the metallic clanging samples of striking swords. I mean how cool is that?!

Mild Peril also has released a number of EP's. Some contain earlier works, and demos. Body Party is an EP full of smashing dance beats, dedicated to the Endurance night club. Four EP's contain lengthy improvised, minimally edited, and sometimes even live performances of synthesized cosmic journeys into the unknown, appropriately named, Unknown Zones. All are available on Bandcamp and can be found here, (including a cassette offering of Unknown Zones).

For the album Matter, the title itself takes on a lot meaning in describing the inspiration for the music that follows. As Chris states on the Bandcamp description, " -the title of the album references medieval legend and story cycles, i.e. ‘the Matter of Britain’." Upon looking this up for more understanding behind the inspiration, I discovered the term was created by a french poet Jean Bodel in the 12th Century to describe the mythical tales of medieval literature, not only in Britain, but also from France, and Rome. With all that history and literature influences, already this album is promising something unique, and a well fleshed out concept.

The opening song 'Paladin's Theme' is an example of this. Paladin is term used to describe the foremost knights of Charlamange's court in the 12th century, not unlike King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. I found the song to be very exciting, with very catchy melodies, moments of spacey guitar solos, and a Italo Disco beat that makes it impossible to sit still while listening. Keeping with its medieval theme, the song features the sounds of sword clashes, thunder crashing, and horse whinnying. The horse whinnies usually signal that something quite spectacular is about to happen in the song. Just a very fun, and pleasing track to listen to!

On a side note, curious enough, there is a 1983 Italian-made movie about the paladins called Heart and Armour, with a very awesome synthwave soundtrack by David Hughes, (who also composed on C.H.U.D.). This song would fit perfectly in with this movie. (Hint, hint, if anyone might think of making a video for this song, Heart and Armour would be the movie to use!)  )

The Matter continues it's tales of chivalry with the track 'Excalibur'. Starting off with more sword clashes, the song has a distinct beat that sounds familiar to the Men Without Hats song 'The Safety Dance', further instilling the 80s recreation of medieval themes. Although instead of breaking into full dance mode, this song maintains a slower rhythmic beat, with spacey synth melodies and echoing choruses, bringing out the ethereal mysticism of the power to behold of the sword Excalibur. I love how the outro has the last sword clash echo away into the distance, as the tale of Excalibur floats away into the darkness of time.

'The Duel' is an exception on this album, being more of an OutRun track, with a heart racing beat and tension rising arpeggios. I imagined an epic battle between two opponents that are of equal speed, skill, and agility. At one moment, the beat descends volume, as it feels like the opponents are re-sizing one another. The battle continues, until finally, boom! The final blow is struck, and this song's story comes to an end. A very breathtaking track!

'Galatine' offers another fun Italo Disco piece. This time the setting is on a beach, with samples of the the ocean waves rolling, and the seagulls crying. I couldn't help but move myself to the delightful dance beat, and the really catchy and addictive melody. However all is not what it seems. Straight in the middle of the song, a freaky maniacal laughter is heard. A surprise and surrealness that I quite enjoyed!

Staying on the beach, 'Song of the Water' is definitely a song for lovers. The ocean waves continue to roll, as a soft bassline, and percussion, keeps a slow, but seductive rhythm. The soft sounding melody, with a whisper of tubular bells, gently rises towards the middle of the song, where a single spacey synth lead guitar solo takes over. The melody slowly rejoins, greatly increasing in intensity, until a very satisfying crescendo is achieved. A quite pleasurable song indeed!

The album ends with an epic, 17 minute track of spellbinding proportions. 'The Spell' begins off quite innocent, with the sounds of birds chirping. Slowly, the melody winds it's way in, with a addictive bassline that creates a mystical tune that never seems to lose its interest regardless of it's length. Mild Peril has a delightful video on his YouTube channel that showcases the beginning of this song. It begins with showing images of monotonousness daily life, like waiting for an electric kettle to boil. However, a cat runs out of a door, ants wreck havoc on a snail shell, and a butterfly mobile sways in the wind, all giving an indication that there is more to life than meets the human intuition. The video is also titled The Spell of Dingley Dell, further enhancing the mysterious meaning behind the song.

This album is just all together very enjoyable to listen to. Its music is highly imaginative, and has a very well thought out concept of medieval sorcery, with a nod to the cosmic future. Mild Peril has quite the talent to create fascinating electronic music, with addictive beats, and gorgeous melodies that never tire. His use of sound effect samples, such as that as the sword clashes, thunder rolls, church bells, and ocean waves, helps to create mental images, and enhances the music's story telling abilities. It was also recently picked as Synthetix Sunday's Album of the Week for the week of July 13th, 2014, by not only host Marko Maric, but also co-host Corey Benedict as well!

Telefuture Records presents Mild Peril's Matter EP on their Bandcamp page here on digital formats and limited edition cassette and I hereby rate this musical adventure a Synthetix Reference Experience. For a fan of synthwave, this album incorporates enough styles of music to please not only fans of progressive rock, but also fans of OutRun, Dreamwave, and Italo Disco. Accents like the use of medieval sound samples really sets Mild Peril's music apart from the rest of the scene. And for fans of fantasy, science fiction, and mythical legends, (such as myself), it is EPIC!!!